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Fellow patriots and all who believe in the first amendment! As many of you know, our most basic freedoms; the right to assemble, associate, and speak are under attack by liberal organizations determined to silence Americans; Asian, Black, Latin, and White for our conservative viewpoints. While we are not all monolithic in thought, we are united in our foundational beliefs and basic principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We know all true Americans bleed- red, white and blue which makes us family!


Effective today, Texans United for America is proud to announce we have invited Texas Patriot Network, the other organization attacked to be part of our event. When the liberal media tries to divide Americans, we unite! These attacks have escalated from verbal threats to actual physical assaults and injury. This is not the American way nor does it embody the Texas spirit and hospitality we are known for.


The left-wing media is pulling out all the stops to smear, slander, and paint all conservatives as racist fascists. An article in the Houston Press this Wednesday reported that our group, Texans United For America, and Texas Patriot Network and several of its attendees are white supremacist and fascist. This is not only inflammatory, false, and completely untrue, but also typical of the attacks that all conservative, God-fearing Americans have been under by the traditional liberal media. Houston Press not only published knowing false information, but refused to reach out for us for a statement prior to publication, and has ignored our efforts to set the record straight.


To help establish the truth, Texans United For America in partnership Texan Patriot Network will be having an event at the Hyatt Place in Woodlands Texas on Saturday at 7pm. Our event is to not only show how our organization welcomes people of all demographics, but to also create awareness of the radical left-wing communist groups organizing around our great state of Texas utilizing special guest speakers. We feel many voters aren’t aware of the dangers the ideology of communism and radical left-wing adherents pose for our great state of Texas.


We hope to see everyone there!

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